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Positive behaviour For Learning

At T.A.T we believe in growing success for all learners. We have high expectations for our students. 


  • We believe that everyone will be supported and nurtured as individuals

  • All learners are given support to demonstrate the T.A.T Expectations towards students, staff and our community

  • We believe that all students have the right to learn in an environment where they feel safe and valued

  • We place daily importance on responsible thinking practices which allow students to think through choices and consider the impact their decisions have on others

  • We have a restorative ethos and practice this through our behaviour management programme.

HJHS Expectations

We have four core values at T.A.T and these are woven into all of our teaching and learning programmes. We explicitly teach the skills required to demonstrate these expectations.


  • Mana           Integrity

  • Ako             Reciprocal Learning

  • Manaaki      Care

  • Aroha          Love

Our Restorative Ethos


Restorative practices and building strong learning relationships are about being committed to journeying alongside people to support their learning and well being. It focuses on building healthy relationships and as a result makes it possible for everyone in the community to experience success. 


It is about treating people as equals, caring for them and working in collaboration with them. Restorative practices honour relationships and ensure that there are opportunities to heal the hurt and damage experienced by people.


Restorative conversations are key to maintaining our school's positive learning culture.

“Care before censure”

“The problem is the problem, 

the person is never the problem”

TAT behaviour chart (1).jpg


Values Awards

Students and staff receive awards for demonstrating the school values of mana (integrity), manaakitanga (care), ako (reciprocal learning) and aroha love).


These go into a draw for a reward and are celebrated during assembly. At the end of every term all the term entries go into the draw for a larger prize - a $100 voucher. An end of year prize of major value is given to one lucky student at the end of year draw which includes values cards from each term.

Students have the opportunity to recognise each other by rewarding each other with student value cards that go into a separate student draw. These are drawn out by student


Teachers also recognise each other and are rewarded weekly if their name is drawn out of the staff draw  At the end of each term teachers go into the draw for a day in lieu.



T.A.T Certificates are given out to those students who have demonstrated the

T.A.T Learner attributes and expectations during the week.  These are handed

out during assembly.


Our school operates a reward system to encourage positive behaviours. This is essential to the overall success of our learning programmes. Teachers are encouraged to use four positive comments to every one negative comment in their regular day-to-day teaching.

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