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At Te Au o Tamatea - St Andrews Middle School we offer a range of opportunities for Sports. 


Our school regularly takes part in the Waikato Intermediate Middle Schools events. These events cover a wide range of sports such as Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Rugby, Touch and Athletics. Students are encouraged to participate in these events which occur every term. So far in 2021 we have attended both the Volleyball and the Touch events, as well as Drama Day. 


Students are also encouraged to participate in team sports such as Netball, Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball. This term we will have Senior and Junior Netball and Basketball teams. 


We also welcome outside experts to come and run sessions with our students. In Term One we had Volleyball sessions run during PE and we are also lucky enough to host The Waterboy, a local charity which supports students to participate in Sport. The Waterboy runs a ‘Dabble Day’ which saw our students take part in Cross fit, Rugby Training, Netball and Taku Wairua. 


Sports Leaders


Our sports leaders are students who show a passion and keen interest in sports. We have Senior and Junior Sports leaders who are responsible for running lunchtime activities, helping with our sports shed and also with school wide events such as Athletics and Cross Country. Our Senior Sports Leaders also assist in coaching for WIMS Events, ensuring that our younger students are ready for the competitions. 




We are always happy for whaanau to help and coach our teams. If you are wanting to coach our sports teams then please leave your name at the office or contact our Sports Coordinator, Whaea Emily.

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